Work Experience

New College Worcester, July 2018
IT Support Technician

This three-week placement at a college involved me joining a team of IT technicians to provide concise and effective technical support to staff students and visitors to the college. This shows I can work well with people I haven’t known for long and be a prominent, helpful member of the team. My responsibilities included showing visitors round the college and discussing relevant parts of the college’s IT systems and network infrastructure. Being able to support visitors and lecturers with a wide selection of tasks, for example setting up their equipment to work with the college’s network, shows I can adapt my approach to the individuals I am working with. Records and file management, for example, expense reports and important account management, was another of my key responsibilities and this shows I can deal with sensitive and confidential data in a respectful and appropriate manner. Furthermore, I can be professional and formal when dealing with people face to face, via email and letter and over the phone as I had to liaise with outside companies with regards to supplies and equipment setup.

Worcester Sixth Form College, July 2017
IT Assistant

My responsibilities were to research cost effective solutions of obtaining IT equipment suitable for a college environment; for example bulk buying of software and licences. This was something I had never needed to do before and taught me how to adopt a business-like approach to my research. My supervisor taught me how to compare quotes and specifications and concisely record my findings in a report to the head of department. I also helped solve college staff and student’s IT issues which mainly included fixing and/or replacing broken equipment and giving comprehensive tutorials on how to use software and services over Email and Telephone. This shows I have an all round knowledge of popular hardware and software solutions and can impart my knowledge in a professional and understandable way.

Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, July 2016
London Branch

I shadowed the head of electronic trade who was visually impaired to observe methods he used to carry out his work quickly and effectively. In order to give me the opportunity to work in a larger team, I was asked to assist with a teleconferencing setup and met with the bank’s access team to discuss ways of making their current computer system better for visually impaired employees.

Blind In Business, July 2016
Charity work based in London

This week-long charity work gave me valuable presentation skills and improved my research techniques. My responsibilities were to carry out research into all my further education options and present my findings to the leadership team. Furthermore, I was asked to help with social media and marketing work which introduced me to the business sector of the charity and taught me how to approach communication with customers through social media.

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