As I am aiming for programming, web development, network engineering or software development to be my future career, I have listed here the relevant skills I have gained (by mainly self study and courses) that I think would be useful for people like yourself.

  • Advanced knowledge of the Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems – both server side and client side.
  • Experience of giving technical support of desktop and mobile based devices.
  • Advancing knowledge of programming in the Python language.
  • Experience of development in
  • Limited experience of CSS manipulation and HTML5 design (I prefer using a CMS to manage web content.)
  • Confident with Microsoft products including server administration, exchange and ADDS.
  • Basic knowledge of PHP and Javascript (mainly for production of this site.)
  • In the process of teaching myself Swift.

I hope that gives you a clear understanding of my skills; however if there is still something you wish to clarify, please get in touch and ask.