The most recent qualifications I hold are A-Levels, which I obtained in 2018.

Whilst at college, I completed an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) with a title of “Web Accessibility”. You can read the essay and handout to learn more about the project.

I achieved a C grade for this and feel it has really improved my research skills and presentation abilities. It was a project that meant a lot to me as it was relevant to me on a personal level (due to my visual impairment) and on a professional level (because websites and their development are an integral part of my career plans.)

I also achieved 8 GCSEs including Maths and English with A*-C grades.

Notably, for my current study interest, I achieved a grade A in both Maths and Computing Science.

Also, The University of Sheffield recognised me as a School Achiever in 2015 and there was only one other student awarded this certificate that year.

I’m currently looking for work in the IT and Computing sector and will update this page as I gain qualifications.