Welcome to my games collection!

This is a repository of games that I have both made myself, and found buried deep on the world wide web, that are accessible to screen readers. This is not to say they were made with the blind in mind or even designed with screen readers in mind, they are just really good games that happen to be accessible.

Most of them are text only and have to be downloaded to play. The text adventure games were some of the best games I played when I was younger and actually one of the first outlets I had for my programming and coding as the interface used to play them is similar.

Click on a game’s title to find out more info. If you need any help with installing a game, please let me know.

Interactive Fiction

The huge list of text adventure games, also called interactive fiction (IF), is made up of the best and most engaging novels I have come across. Of course, there are loads more with the biggest collection at

With these IF games, you type in the commands you want to do, for example eat banana or throw ball through window.

Random Number Guessing Game

The Random Number Guessing Game was the very first game I wrote. Back in 2012, it was one of my dreams to write a game and this was the best thing I had ever done in my opinion back then.

If you have any further suggestions or questions, please do get in touch.